Yacht Keshet Yam
Price list sailing yacht
Basic weekly cruising price

 One hour: NIS 600
an Hour and a half: NIS 700
Two hours: NIS 800
Three hours: NIS 1200
Five hours and more*

Contact Us*

Basic cruise price on weekend or holiday

 One hour: NIS 650
an Hour and a half: NIS 750
Two hours: NIS 900
Three hours: NIS 1350

*Five hours and more
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Cruise with a professional and experienced skipper throughout the voyage
The price is fixed for a pair cruise, up to 10 people
* For sailing over 5 hours: Fifth hour on a reduced price of 300 NIS per hour
* Price includes: fuel cost, insurance, VAT, skipper cost
* Payment options: Cash,bank transfer, Bit
 Free soft drinks during the cruise

 The sea calls you ...

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