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Experience a cruise to Acre
An experience of five hours a day is all fun



A couise to the markets and secrets of old Acre

lounging around a dining table with the company of good music, good friends and good will, we untie the yacht ropes and away we are, from the dock to the open sea.

Departing from "Haifa Bay", watching the sight of the Carmel city fades away, we set sail out to the open and head north to old Acre.

Passing through the "Island of Flies" and across the city's surrounding walls, we will know we have reached the old dock where we will harbor and get ready to excavate the town.

A walking distance from the dock, the old city of Acre will introduce us with its Mediterranean restaurants and Arabic sweets, where we will sit and eat.
This tour take us through the city's ottoman historical architecture of open markets, mysterious chambers, shaded corridors and lively streets.

On the way back to Haifa we are getting last glimpses of the city walls and its variety of ships and local boats guiding us back home.

To go deeper: It is possible to expend to a guided journey and tour the underground "crusader's tunnel" and the "hall of knight".



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