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Sailing events
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Sailing a birthday
Romantic sailing
Marriage proposal at sea
Bachelorette and Bachelor party at sea
Romantic cruise towards sunset and more ..

Surprise for emotion and celebration in original and different way
Experienced boating in the open bay on a pleasant and warm sunny day
Sea music drinking and dining with friends who joined the party.

The hot summer nights of Haifa from the sea the sun is setting and Haifa is lit by lots of lights. Pair. Family. Friends.

Recommended duration: 2 hours to 5 hours

הפלגה רומנטית,קשת ים,חווית שייט בארץ

Family Cruise - Summer events at sea

Family fun day aboard
Suitable for up to 10 sailors
Hour: 600 NIS

750 minutes

Two hours: NIS 900

Three hours: 1500

A fun and relaxed sailing of family or couples, in Haifa Bay and the surrounding area. Docking and dropping water for a refreshing dip.
You can combine a light meal and a drink at sea with your own preparation.

Sailing at a reasonable cost per family - up to 10 sailors

Recommended duration: 2 hours to 5 hours

חווות שייט בחיפה,קשת ים,הפלגה משפחתית

Sailing and more ... sea and challenges


Five hours 2000 NIS

Suitable for up to 6 sail groups

Cruise north to Acre and Hanakra
We will cross Haifa Bay, away from the port and head to Carmel.
We will approach Acre and sail near the island of flies, along the city walls.
Entrance to Acco dock, docking, market tour and restaurant.
Or continue north along the beaches to the top of Hanakra.

Recommended length of time is about 5-6 hours
Recommended duration is about 7-8 hours

יאכטה קשת ים,חוויות שייט בארץ,

Sailing a surprise to a spouse or partner

An experience on the water between waves
Hour: 600 NIS

750 minutes

Two hours: NIS 900

Three hours: NIS 1500

Five hours 2000 NIS

Looking to excite and surprise spouses?
Adapters and everything is surprisingly ready, for a romantic double cruise or boating with friends, drinking music, a good luck sign and balloons. Suitable for up to 10 sailors.

הפלגת הפתעה לבן או בת זוג חוויה על המים בין גלים

Cruise along the coasts, central and south of the country

Sailing south to Herzliya, Ashdod and Ashkelon.

Night dock in Herzliya, continue to Ashdod, Ashkelon and back to Haifa

We'll set sail and plan the itinerary, you sail and steer the yacht with the personal guidance of a skilled and professional skipper.

Enter the Herzliya Marina for dinner, get ready for a meal at one of the restaurants on the marina or the ship (before morning return to Haifa) or continue to Ashkelon, along the south coast and enter the Ashkelon Marina, restaurants in a Mediterranean atmosphere, overnight stay or return overnight.

Suitable for up to 6 sail groups

For details contact us
The recommended duration for Herzliya is a minimum of about 24 hours
Recommended duration for Ashkelon is minimum 48 hours


Romantic cruise in Haifa Bay


Looking for a special way to celebrate an event?

Hour: 600 NIS

750 minutes

Two hours: NIS 900

Three hours: 1500


Romantic sailing for one to two hours accordingly

Fine wine. Beer, light refreshments, light drinks.
"Congratulations" sign. Balloons - depending on the occasion. coffee.

שייט זוגי,שייט רומנטי,מחפשים דרך מיוחדת לחגוג אירוע

Cruise marriage proposal

An hour of excitement on the water

Time: NIS 600

Surprise on the Water- An original marriage proposal is scheduled
And coordinated full of surprises and excitement, balloon decoration
And a lucky congratulations on a quality white wine bottle, beer,
Roll sign "Rise Me?" That doesn't leave a dry eye ..

חוויות שייט,יאכטה קשת ים,שייטהצעת נישואין מפתיעה ומרגשת

Bachelorette party cruise


Three hours of excitement with the good guys

Three hours: NIS 1500

Suitable for up to 10 sailors

Just before the wedding stop to celebrate with
Friends and friends - Bachelorette / Bachelorette Party
On board the yacht, drinks and treats drop
Water and the main thing to make happy.
Up to 10 sailors.

שייט יום הולדת,הפלגת יום הולדת,יום הולדת בים, יום הולדת על הסיפון
חוויות שיט בארץ,יאכטה קשת ים
חווות שייט בארץ,יאכטה קשת ים

Seaside photos of a bride and groom aboard a yacht


Photographs with audacity and breaking boundaries

Hour: NIS 600,

Against the backdrop of the green Carmel the sunset and the sea - an hour of experience

Romantic photos before the wedding aboard the yacht,
Photos with audacity and breakthrough, in the background
The green caramel has sunk and the sea is beautiful. Photos that will remain
You are a souvenir for many years

צילומי חתן וכלה על הסיפון-קשת ים

One day skipper


a different and fascinating surprise cruise for your spouse


Two hours: NIS 900

Suitable for a couple or group of up to 6 sailors

You are the skipper for a day - if you dreamed or decided to study or purchase a yacht - I fulfill a little dream for you

Go out to the high seas with the wheel in your hands. Sails will open and wind with a refreshing dip with a chilled soft drink

סקיפר ליום אחד,שייט חוויה,הפתעה שונה ומרתקת

Cruise for skipper and sea lovers


4 hours: NIS 1600

Suitable for up to 6 sail groups

Sailing sails to improve group and individual skills in group organization

Sailing sailing - catch the wind and feel the ability to spend a little more off the yacht sailing from the crew. Get organized on a cruise group. Training from wind-sharpening interpretation to reaching an uphill destination, improving boating skills, mooring over wine coffee.

סקיפר ליום אחד,מפליגים עם חזי,אוהבי שייט-קשת ים

Cruise to Acre's markets and secrets


5 hours: 2000 NIS

Suitable for up to 10 sailors

We will sail towards the neighboring city of Acre, cruising along the city walls. Negro in the dock and take a tour of the alleys and markets. We will savor a Mediterranean meal and take in the famous sweet. Back to the comet dock.

שייט לעכו,סיור שווקים וחומות-קשת ים

Birthday sailing


Three hours of celebration

Three hours: NIS 1500

An event for friends, friends or family up to 10 sailors

Going out to the open sea in front of the green Carmel views, mooring in a protected and quiet place, light drinking and a light bottle of wine, you can bring cake and baked goods, cheese plate, sushi plate or fruit plate this season and of course drinks.


Cruise Team Formation

Conduct in a space of uncertainty - going out into the unknown.

5 hours 2000 NIS

An event for staff, office, department or any organic group up to 10 sailors

When the ground is stable and the plan is organized it is easy to manage and manage.
Let's go out to sea to the unstable marine space, which changes from moment to moment, recognizes unconventional situations, we deal with and recognize our capabilities against those situations. We will do simulation games and life impacts on a daily basis. An experience with added value. Suitable for up to 10 sailors.

שייט גיבוש צוות,יום גיבוש,יום כייף בים

Dating on the water


Vacancies on board.

Three hours - 1500

Suitable for up to 10 sailors

A meeting of vacant places in an intimate place in a relaxed and light-hearted atmosphere in the sea facing the sunset and romance. An atmosphere that allows for free approaching and initial acquaintance that will lead to acquaintance and connection .. The cruise includes light refreshments and light sparkling drinks and white wine.

הכרויות על המים-שייט פנויים פנויות-קשת ים

Spend a night at sea

Day 2000 NIS
Suitable for up to 10 sailors
Day Cruise *:
Cruise north or south along the coast of Israel
Departing until noon, sailing south to Herzliya, docking at the marina, departing for dinner, toward midnight, releasing ropes and moving north. Return to Haifa Bay and anchorage. The price includes diesel fuel
Another day: 2000/1700 NIS


Advanced case studies and responses by topic


4 hours: NIS 1600

Suitable for up to 6 sail groups

Meet aboard for morning coffee, refresh and familiarize the mast deck and the sails. Practicing mishaps such as burning, flooding, boarding, evolving situations.

אימון שייט מתקדם-קשת ים,מועדון חברים שייט ביאכטה

Practical training for skippers going abroad for charters


4 hours: NIS 1600

Suitable for up to 6 sail groups

Going abroad and rent a luxurious yacht, want to refresh docking and interpretation approaches. Available for about 4 hours an experienced skipper to prepare you for departure - will give you tips on getting the yacht and more. Suitable for an individual or a group of up to 6 sailors

אימון הכנה מעשית לקראת צ'ארטר בחו"ל-קשת ים

Basic cruise price on weekend or holiday

Time: NIS 650
Half hour: NIS 800
Two hours: NIS 950
Three hours: NIS 1550
Five hours: *
* Contact Us

Basic weekly cruising price

Time: NIS 600
Half an hour: NIS 700
Two hours: NIS 800
Three hours: NIS 1200
Five hours: *
* Contact Us

 Israeli breakfast

Additional: NIS 300
Plate of fresh vegetables
Three types of olive cheese
White wine bottle

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