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Experience a Haifa Bay cruise
Two hours or more in a sea of ​​experiences

Boarding the "Keshet-Yam" yacht with the company of good music, good family of friends and good will, we untie the yacht ropes and away we are, from the dock to the open sea.

Departing from "Haifa Bay", watching the sight of the Carmel city, we get a new scope of life.

Around 30 min of easy cruising gets us where in safe heaven where we rest our anchor and let the security wheel float in the water. From there we can feel safe and free to dive away and get our swim suits wet in deep-blue calming waters.

Climbing aboard we take a soothing tap water shower and drying in the sun. The dining table is already set and the wine is ready to be poured.
"For the sake of good life and moments well spent!"
It’s a perfect moment to share with our friends,
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time passes so nicely out at the sea
we eat or drink, rest or share jokes
but mostly we just talk –
finally we find time to talk.

Heading back we pass harboring ships and friendly boats
welcoming us -sharing the bright sun or the reddish dawn.
Our cruises with "Keshet-Yam"
the experience is guaranteed
and the price is fair

שייט במפרץ חיפה, יאכטה קשת ים

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